A downloadable C64 Game

UPDATE: D64 and CRT Image Updated to V1.2, Small Code Fixes, Different Music, Now Has an End Screen rather than Looping the Game.

A Game for TheC64Maxi/C64Mini/Commodore 64 or a Good C64 Emulator.

1 Player Arcade Style Underwater Shoot 'em Up, Single D64 Image File with Hi-Score Saving.

YouTube Video by "C64 Masters"

Check out more videos at this link.


Made with help from the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Sideway Version by Jon Wells, Modified SEUCK framework Code by Me, Original Framework Code by Richard Bayliss of TND, Music By Andrew Fisher (Merman).

Install instructions

Download "SUB-X-V1.2D64.zip" For TheC64Maxi/Mini, C64 Emulator, SD2IEC For a Real C64.

Download "Sub-X-V1.2CRT.zip" For TheC64Maxi/Mini, C64 Emulator, Kung Fu Flash Catridge for a Real C64.


SUB-X-V1.2D64.zip 21 kB
Sub-X-V1.2CRT.zip 22 kB

Development log


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very good

Thank You.

such a good game, thanks.

Thank you.

I just had a quick go at this game. It looks and feels quite nice. I like the animation added to the waves. It gives a good effect. Keep up the good work.