A downloadable C64 Game

C64 1MB CRT Image File for Kung Fu Flash Cartridge for real C64, C64 Emulators that allow 1MB Magic Desk Cartridge Images.

** CRT Image DOES NOT WORK ON TheC64Maxi/Mini Due to OLD version of Vice Emulator **
Due to this i have also put up a Zip file with all the Games in .PRG format for TheC64Maxi/Mini, And also can be used with SD2IEC, Kung Fu Flash, Older Emulators, Etc.

This is a 1MB CRT Image file, With 25 of my Games (Well 26 as Keiko has 2 Versions Kid or Hard Mode and has slight differences, some Sprites changes and attack waves).

See Screenshots for what Games are on the CRT Image.

** Cartridge Menu Controls **

Use:    F1-Menu Page 1
              F3-Menu Page 2
              F5-Menu Page 3
              F7-Menu Page 4
    Or Use RETURN Key to change Menu Page (Loops).


TheReaperUK - Game Graphics - Game Design - Modified Framework Code - Etc.
Richard Bayliss of TND - Original Framework Code - Music - Some Font Graphics.
Andrew Fisher (Merman) - Music.
Sensible Software - For Shoot 'em' up Construction Kit.
Jon Wells - For the Hacked Sideways Version of Shoot 'em' up Construction Kit.
Some others Music from other people where used in some Games and are Credited Ingame.
Marko Šolajić - Magic Desk Cartridge Generator.

CRT Image Tested On:

C64C with Kung Fu Flash (Firmware 1.20p).
Vice Emulator V3.5 on Linux.
BMC64 v3.6-stable (bare metal C64 emulator for the Raspberry Pi)

PRG Files Tested On:

TheC64Maxi (Firmware 1.5.2)
C64C with Kung Fu Flash (Firmware 1.20p).
C64C with SD2IEC.
Vice Emulator V3.5 on Linux.
BMC64 v3.6-stable (bare metal C64 emulator for the Raspberry Pi)

Install instructions

Download "ReapersMegaCart.zip" for Kung Fu Flash Cartridge for Real C64, C64 Emulator any OS that runs Vice 3.0 and Higher, BMC64 for Raspberry Pi.

Download "TheC64Maxi-Mini Prg Files.zip" for TheC64Maxi/Mini, Only way to play them all on TheC64 as it does not support Magic Desk CRT Files at 1MB, Would need Retro Games Ltd to fix this problem in some Firmware Update.


ReapersMegaCart.zip 518 kB
TheC64Maxi-Mini Prg Files.zip 558 kB

Development log


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Nice one, Reaper. I'm looking forward to checking out these SEUCK creations!


Nice collection

I just read your tweet regarding you SEUCK compo 2021 entry . You mentioned that you submitted it to my compo. Sadly I did not receive your entry. That is the reason for why it has not yet made it on to the compo page.

Strange, I sent it to the listed gmail, and my email client sent it without errors??, well don't worry about it, I'm doing some more work on it so i'll just upload here when i'm done.


very good