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UPDATE: D64 Disk Only Version 1.4, Weapon upgrade change, Now once you have the last Power up you will never loose it, Front End Changes, Small In-Game Code Changes, Game now has an Ending Screen rather than the Game keep looping, Also V1.4 .CRT Image for Kung Fu Flash Cartridge with save/loading of Hi-Scores removed.

UPDATE: D64 Disk Version only of V1.2 with Load/Save of Hi-Scores, Thanks to Richard Bayliss for updating his Framework to V4.0 i was able to take the Hi-Score Load/Save Code and import it into my modified framework code.

A Game for TheC64Maxi/C64Mini/Commodore 64 or a Good C64 Emulator.

1 Player Arcade Shoot em up, Fly the Dragon over the lands of Kof, Shoot everything you see, Shoot Eggs for Power ups, But be careful at the Maze of Vines, Touch the Vines and you Loose a Live, Good Luck and have Fun.

YouTube Video by "C64 Masters"

Check out more videos at this link.


Made with help from the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Using a modified SEUCK Enhancement Framework code, Original Framework code by Richard Bayliss of TND, Music by Andrew Fisher (Merman).

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TagsArcade, c64mini, Commodore 64, Dragons, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, thec64, thec64maxi


Dragon-Soul-V1.4.zip 25 kB
dragonsoulv1.4CRT.zip 26 kB

Install instructions

Download "Dragon-Soul-V1.4.zip" For D64 Image for use with TheC64Maxi/Mini, C64 Emulator, SD2IEC on a Real C64. (Load/Save Hi-Score)

Download "dragonsoulv1.4CRT.zip" For CRT Image for use with TheC64Maxi/Mini or Kung Fu Flash Cartridge on a Real C64, Or a C64 Emulator. (Does Not Load/Save Hi-Scores)

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Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:32:42. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

very good


I have played V1.2 today. Great job with the game. Superb power up bullet sprites. Nice to see remixing of previous levels to make the game last longer. I know a SEUCK user who used to do that a lot in his games back in the 1990's. A good approach. Nice background animation feature where scrolling water diagonally. Nice homage to "Dragon Spirit". :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Improved visibility of weapon, extra life, and bonus points "blobs", better animation of "Nessie" seamonsters. Nice.

Deleted 2 years ago

New Disk D64 Image version 1.2 with Hi-Score Load/Save.

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Yes yes YES! You know what? Version V1.1 looks A LOT better than the previous one!!!!
I dont care if there is a slight flickering on Vice (I believe its because of the patterns to darken the landscape) and there is a white line of dots appearing from time to time when flying over the now darker water).  But I dont care. ;)

To me this version looks so much better now. =)
Good effort, thanks for that! =)
I will raise my rating for the game to five stars now.
And I still need more practice, but I crossed 20.000 points. =D

Yeah it's the Pattern that makes it look like it's flicking, but not all screens show it, my Raspberry PI 3 insdide a pi-top laptop does not have the flicker when running this game with Vice but does have the white line problem on the water, and glad you like the new version.

Solid action title. The music is ace! Adds much to the game.
The dragon sprite is well drawn.
I`m sorry, but most of the background gxf need improvement. Mainly the colors bother me. Red/brown waves and turqouise water...argh. ;) I think it needs a darker blue.
The player sprite contrast on the woodland/forest level....argh. ;)
It needs a darker green. I know, the colors on the C64 are limited.
Both settings need to be darker in order to have a better contrast to the player sprite.
I have no idea what techniques have to be used to achieve that.

Positive: The red desert level...I like that one a lot. A pleasant choice of colors, cool enemies (giant ants in the holes) and a nice lighting effect on the rocks.

Please dont be disappointed when I wrote down some criticism, Its obvious that you put a lot of effort into the FREE game.

I would also like to have a saveable highscore table, Is that even possible to code in SEUCK?

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Thanks for you input, The water could be changed to dark blue, the Green is the Darkest and remember i'm only allowed 3 Colours and 1 transparent colour, Seuck is only used for some of the Build process, Title Screen, Sprites, Tiles Maps, And the Map itself is done outside of Seuck, Then its all compiled with kickass assembler to add in the Extra Features, So yeah saving the Hi-Score table should be Possible but then what about the .prg/.T64/.Tap file, Cannot really save in that Format, Also i think the Colour Issue is really only a big Problem on a Real C64, on TheC64Maxi or Vice it's looks okay, I did get a C64C so i could test my games on real hardware but that died, so untill i get that fixed i can only see what my
Games look like when someone does a Video.

But again Thank you for your Input, I really do need to Know these things.

Here is a game where you fly over a forest.....

The eyes maybe fooled by the other colors but the green looks darker here.
Or its the overall technique, mixing it up with brown (and even some grey directly on the trees, just saw that).
Sorry for still bothering, but I wanted to show you that.

About the Highscore table: People mainly use .D64 I think, At least I only use .D64 if its available. I dont know why people might want to use  the other variations. CRT (cartridge) maybe, because it loads faster?

Saveable highscores are always appreciated by most people I guess.
At least people using .prg or .crt cannot complain about a non saved highscore then. =D

I'm working on trying some different colour and some tricks to tone down colour, but this may course a flicker effect, And i am not going to start added code for Hi-Score saving and/or add new code for a Free Game, If and when i start working on code like that then it will have a Price tag.

What? Instant report! ;) =D
Well if the comment system had a "Like" button I would have pressed that now.^^
Should it flicker (SEUCK likes flickering) dont release it. =/

And I agree. Its still a free game and I was complaining about a tiny detail that might be a quite a load of extra work. Dont waste time for that. =)
And there is already a workaround, I could make a savestate in Vice to preserve the highscore table, if I wanted to do that.
19xxx points is my best score up to now, so I still have to achieve a score that needs to be documented for eternity. =D

Update is out now, Still might Flicker if using LCD/LED on Emulator.

How about integrating the cheatmode as a switch instead of creating a second version for a few bytes changed? Entering highscore table should be skipped when cheat is enabled.

This way i can keep an eye on the Download Rate, So i can see which Download does Better, Really the Cheat Mode is Just my Game Testing version.

Another option would be to create a subroutine where during decrunch holding a certain key down to trigger infinite lives at the very start in onetime.asm For example

//Detect cheat key press (CONTROL)

lda $dc00
bcs nocheat

//enter code for giving player infinite lives

nocheat: do rest of onetime code

Deleted 75 days ago