A downloadable C64 Game

1 Player Single Screens Wave Shooter for The C64.

Earth is under attack from Unidentified flying objects (U.F.Os), Your mission is to destroy as many UFO's as you can, but bear in mind we only have 5 Fighter Ships to do this, Good Luck Pilot.

  • Only 5 Lives and no Extra Lives.
  • Single Shot and limited Reach.
  • 22 Levels/Attack Waves and then Loops.
  • Hi-Score Arcade Attack Wave Game Play.

Made with help from the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Using a modified SEUCK Enhancement Framework code, Original Framework code by Richard Bayliss of TND, Music by Andrew Fisher (Merman).

You Tube Video by

VIPER's Retrogame videos

So go watch more Videos and give them a Subscribe, This is a Video of the Compo Version and not the Special Edition Version.

Release date Apr 30, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsc64-game, c64mini, Commodore 64, Emulator, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, thec64maxi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Single Zip file with a D64 file with Loading - Saving of Hi-Scores and a PRG File with NO Loading - Saving of Hi-Scores.

D64 for SD2IEC, TheC64Mini/Maxi, BMC64 or Emulator.

PRG for SD2IEC, Kung Fu Flash, TheC64Mini/Maxi, BMC64, or Emulator.


UFO Invasion V2 C64.zip 37 kB

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Nice addictive game. The "scroll effect" (dunno a term for it) gives it a Buck Rogers feel. =D
No gates to fly through though, but thats not the point! =D

I like the graphics style a lot. I saw the screenshots and wanted to play it.
The music is rather average this time, for my taste, but it still fits the game.
Great for a quick round of action. (19400 score up to now, Im a bad player^^)

The saveable highscore list is a big plus to all your games.

At least for me I always like to keep my achieved scores.

And I am glad that you did not stop making games after 1-bit Dungeon. =)

Deleted 256 days ago

But you didnt stop right after 1-bit dungeon like you said back then. That gave us some more C64 games to enjoy.^^

Will you make games on other platforms now or will you stop in general?

Deleted 256 days ago

I guess it wont hurt to leave your itch site & games as it is. I still havent tried all of your games. =D
Good luck with whatever endeauvors or problems or, hopefully, nice things you are dealing with in real life. =)
Thank you for the games you`ve made!

(1 edit)

Another fine shoot'em up with some great graphics/sounds.


Thank you.

very good