A downloadable C64 Game.

UPDATED to Version 2.1: (04/07/2020) Bug Fixes.

The Old West World a Game for the C64Maxi/Mini or a Real C64 and of course a Good C64 Emulator (Vice, Etc).

1 Player Push Scroll Left shoot em up, Shoot the Baddies but save the Lady's by walking into Them.

Made with the side ways Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Jon Wells, Also V3 SEUCK Framework by Richard Bayliss.

Install instructions

1 Zip file with a D64,T64,TAP and a PRG File, Pick your favourite format, Copy to USB Stick (TheC64Maxi/Mini), An SD Card (SD2IEC,Etc) or Use a C64 Emulator.

UPDATE: Version 2.1 download now up, So download "Old West World V2.1 C64.zip" for a better experience.


Old West World V2.1 C64.zip 125 kB


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UPDATED: Version 2.1 Bug Fixes.

Nice graphics, but some more gameplay would be cool.

I would love to but the game is made with the side shoot em up construction kit and is very limited to want you can do gameplay wise.

Don't worry about that. You did a good job with it. I am very pleased with what you have achieved with SEUCK.

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Well thanks again, I have lot's of idea's when making a Game, Like i'm working on a game using a dungeon tile set i working on and i wanted to have Door's which you have to shoot 10 times or so, but the problem with that idea is that you cannot walk into the door (sprite) as it will kill you and not just stop you as a Sprite only has an option to kill player or not but not stop the player, That's just 1 of the few idea's i have when making Games.