A downloadable C64 Game

UPDATE: D64 and CRT Image, Front End Changes, Changed Power Up System to 3 Tier, Some small code Fixes, And now has an End Screen rather than the Game Looping.

UPDATE: D64 Disk Version only of V3.0 with Load/Save of Hi-Scores, and also now using my Dragon Soul Framework Code, So now has Power ups (Weapons/Lives), More BG Animations and smoother Scrolling, In-Game Music once again by Andrew Fisher (Merman), Etc, Thanks to Richard Bayliss for updating his Framework to V4.0 i was able to take the Hi-Score Load/Save Code and import it into my modified framework code.

1 Player Fun Arcade Like Shoot 'em' up, Shoot the Aliens, Pick up Bonus ball, Get to the End and do it all over again.

YouTube Video by "C64 Masters"

Check out more videos at this link.


Made with the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and with added Seuck Enhancment Framework v3 by Richard Bayliss of TND.

Install instructions

Download "SpaceSwarm64V3.2-D64.zip" for TheC64Maxi/Mini, C64 Emulator, Or SD2IEC for a Real C64. (Load - Saves Hi-Scores)

Download "SSwarm64-V3.2CRT.zip" for TheC64Maxi/Mini, C64 Emulator, Or Kung Fu Flash Cartridge for Real C64. (Does Not Load - Save Hi-Scores)


SpaceSwarm64V3.2-D64.zip 23 kB
SSwarm64-V3.2CRT.zip 24 kB

Development log


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very good


Well done ;)


Bugfix for the missing grey on titlescreen: Set $d022 to $0b. Game sets $d022 and $d023 but title routine does not initialize these values, so $d022 is default value $01.
Cool that you decided to use Richard's enhancements. He has a lot of experience with SEUCK.

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Yeah i tried changing all $d022 and $d023 but it stays the same, not sure if i broke something in the code also its kinder random sometimes it white and sometimes it like a gold colour on first load of Game after compiling the Code?

Thanks for reporting this. I'm currently upgrading the title screen framework source and I have fixed the $D022 bug which was inside the IRQ interrupt. A few other features are also going to be added, and they shall be enabled/disabled from the operator commands using the .if value = 1 (enable), = 0 (disable). Sort of like a boolean operator. So that features, such as in game music option, jingles, etc could be enabled/disabled. As soon as it is ready I'll announce it on the TND web site.

So I guess we can expect a V3 of this game sometime. ;-)

Mmmm maybe Huge Mega Update V6.4, That sounds Good;-)

Yes. I just updated the news on the TND web site. A release has been made ;)

Thanks, Downloaded and tested the example and only had to rename music .PRG to lowercase as Linux is case-sensitive and change the firmware.asm so in looks for c64/ and not c64\ as that don't work on Linux either, but that is all i had to do this time and all compiled and worked, Will test some more later.

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Nice to see that the KickAssembler frame work is being used :). Thumbs up to that ;) There seems to be a small bug in the scrolltext on most of your games (using V3) where a corrupt character appears on screen before the text restarts. This bug is triggered at the end of your text if you end the text by pressing the ENTER key. For a side scrolling text, you don't need to do that. Simply type in the last word and a few spaces and then save, do not use return/enter. ;)

That sounds great but i'm not sure if i want to make the Code Linux Friendly Again, The Code used here is a mix of Version 1 and Version 2 Framework Code.