A downloadable C64 Game

A Game for TheC64Maxi/C64Mini/Commodore 64 or a Good C64 Emulator.

1 Player Avoid Traps Game, Run around the maze like Game and try to avoid all traps, Pick up Gold Coins for Bonus Points, Check the Video to see the game in action.

2 Downloads to Pick from, One is the Normal Game with 3 Lives and the Other is the Cheat Mode Game with infinite lives.

YouTube Video by "C64 Masters"

Check out more videos at this link.


Made with the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and with added Seuck Enhancement Framework by Richard Bayliss of TND, Music also by Richard Bayliss.

Seuck Framework Code modified by Me so it does the things i need it to do, Remove some buggy code, re-wrote some code, Added some Code, Etc.

Install instructions

2 Zip files with a D64, T64, TAP and a PRG File, Pick your favourite format, Copy to USB Stick (TheC64Maxi/Mini), An SD Card (SD2IEC,Etc) or Use a C64 Emulator.

Download "Metal Blob Bill C64.zip" for Normal Game.


Download "Metal Blob Bill Cheat Mode C64.zip" for infinite lives Game.


Metal Blob Bill C64.zip 90 kB
Metal Blob Bill Cheat Mode C64.zip 90 kB


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Tricky game. I like the scrolling effects you added ;)

very classic nintendi like, nice