A downloadable C64 Game

Short Game made for Halloween for TheC64Maxi/Mini/Real C64 or Emulator.

Game is short but Hard, Basic Run and Dodge all Hazards and Watch out for The Masked Guy and Friend, No Weapons, No Magic just a Girl that has to try to survive and Escape, No Score, No Lives, Just Survive.

You only have 1 Live so Don't Die!!

Disclaimer: I am not held responsible for you Rage Quitting and Smashing Your C64/TheC64Maxi/Mini/Whatever you use an Emulator on/Keyboard/Joystick or anything around you;)

Made with help from the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Sideway Version by Jon Wells, Modified SEUCK framework Code by Me, Original Framework Code by Richard Bayliss of TND, Music By Andrew Fisher (Merman).

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsc64mini, Commodore 64, Horror, Runner, Singleplayer, thec64maxi

Install instructions

Download "Halloweenie C64 Crt.zip" For Kung Fu Flash Cartridge/TheC64Maxi/Mini or Emulator, 1 64kb Cartridge Image.

Download "Halloweenie C64 D64.zip" For SD2IEC/TheC64Maxi/Mini or Emulator, 1 D64 Disk Image.

Download "Halloweenie C64 Tap.zip" For Tapuino/TheC64Maxi/Mini or Emulator, 1 Tape Image File.


Halloweenie C64 Crt.zip 44 kB
Halloweenie C64 D64.zip 23 kB
Halloweenie C64 Tap.zip 34 kB

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Great game ! Maybe with 3 lives we could enjoy it more this good title. Thanks and congrats to all The Reaper UK Team.

Thanks but it's a very short Game and having 3 Lifes would make it to easy.
But go here:


For a Trained version of the Game.

Thanks for your feedback.Take care.

We love this game!

Thanks for Playing.

very good

Thank you.