A downloadable C64 Game

UPDATE: Version 2.1, Bug Fixes.

A Game for TheC64Maxi/C64Mini/Commodore 64 or a Good C64 Emulator.

Old New City is being over run by the Speccy Punks, This is a Job for Cybo-Cop, Push scroll Left with 8 Way shooting, Shoot the Speccy Punks, Save the Lady's, And pick up Point Cans, 1 Player Game.

Go get them Cybo...

Made with the Sideways Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and Jon Wells, Also New V3 SEUCK Framework by Richard Bayliss.

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Install instructions

1 Zip file with a D64, T64, TAP and a PRG File, Pick your favourite format, Copy to USB Stick (TheC64Maxi/Mini), An SD Card (SD2IEC,Etc) or Use a C64 Emulator.

UPDATE: "Cybo-Cop V2.1 C64.zip" Download is the new version with Added Front End Stuff, Hi-Score Table, And some small under the hood code Patches, Bug Fixes.


Cybo-Cop V2.1 C64.zip 145 kB


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Saw a Youtube video of this which dates the game to 1986... I instantly recognized sideways SEUCK and googled my way here so not sure where they got that year from! I love the player character. Very cute.

Deleted 256 days ago

Updated to V2.1 with some Bug Fixes.

I loaded this game on theC64 in full height mode yesterday. Very nice graphics, and some amusing sound effects. I love  your game style. There have been many SEUCK games that have been completely rushed out in the past for a sake of a release. These games are good quality and fun. I think you deserve a pat on the back for what you have done with SEUCK. Well done.

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