A downloadable C64 Game

UPDATE: D64 Disk Version only of V2.0 with Load/Save of Hi-Scores, Thanks to Richard Bayliss for updating his Framework to V4.0 i was able to take the Hi-Score Load/Save Code and import it into my modified framework code.

UPDATED: New Version 2.0 Mega-Power Edition, Now using the Dragon Soul's Framework code, So now has Weapon Power Ups (4 in all), Lives Power Up, Smoother Scrolling, New Animated Char Water Effects, In-Game Music, Updated and New Sprites for Power Ups/Weapon Fire, Etc.

UPDATED: New Version1.2, 2 Player Mode now added, Needs Testing as playing a 2 Player Game with just me is hard, Possible slow downs and a second or two invisible sprites might happen on screen as to many sprites maybe on screen, Let me know if this happens a lot (It shouldn't but you never know).

UPDATED: New Version 1.1, More Enemy's added, Some Sprite Tweaks, SFX Tweaks, Redone Title Screen.

A Game for TheC64Maxi/C64Mini/Commodore 64 or a Good C64 Emulator.

Sequel to 1941 And a Half: https://thereaperuk.itch.io/1941-and-a-half-c64

1 Player Fun Arcade Like Shoot 'em' up, Fly your plane and shoot the other Planes, Boats, Subs, Air Ships and Fly into the Bonus Ball for Bonus Points.

Made with the Shoot 'Em' Up Construction Kit by Sensible Software and with added Seuck Enhancment Framework by Richard Bayliss of TND, Title Music also by Richard Bayliss.

I Modified the Framework as i had a few problems with V3 framework, So remove some none working/buggy Code, Added some Code, Tweak some Code.

Install instructions

Zip file with a D64, T64, TAP and a PRG File, Pick your favourite format, Copy to USB Stick (TheC64Maxi/Mini), An SD Card (SD2IEC,Etc) or Use a C64 Emulator.

UPDATE: D64 Disk Version only of V2.0 with Load/Save of Hi-Scores, Download "1942 and a half v2 Hi-SL C64.zip".

UPDATED New Version 2.0 Mega-Power Edition, Zip File has a D64/T64/PRG/Tap and Crt Image, Crt Image has the Normal Game and Cheat Mode Game, Cheat Mode has Unlimited Lives and no High Score Table, Single Player Only Version, Old 2 Player Version 1.2 will not be Updated.

UPDATED: New V1.1, More Enemy's, Sprite Tweaks, SFX Tweaks, Redone Title Screen so Grab "1942 and a Half v1.1 C64.zip" for more FUN.

UPDATED: New V1.2, New 2 Player Mode version, can still be played with 1 player (Port 2) but i would use V1.1 for 1 Player Game, See above for FULL Update Notes.


1942 and a Half 2 Player v1.2 C64.zip 101 kB
1942 and a Half V2 (C64).zip 145 kB
1942 and a half v2 Hi-SL C64.zip 24 kB

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