A downloadable C64 Game

Cartridge Image 128kb  (.crt image) Download with 6 Games for TheC64Maxi/Mini Or Vice Emulator.

1941 and a Half.

1942 and a Half.

Dome Base 64 Alien Edition.


Keiko's Adventure HardCore.

Metal Blob Bill.

Only Tested with Vice Emulator and TheC64Maxi.

Used "Magic Desk Cartridge Generator" by Marko Šolajić from here:


For more information about the Game's then check my Itch.io page at:


Install instructions

1 Zip file with a 128kb .Crt Image for your TheC64Maxi/Mini or Vice Emulator, May work on a real C64 if you have some kind of Flash Cart?

I only tested with Vice Emulator and TheC64Maxi.


ReapersGames Cart Image.zip 118 kB

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